Weightloss help and ideas

United States
June 6, 2007 2:48pm CST
I would like to loose weight but I feel I dont have time. I work a full time job and when I get home from work I have housework to do. I dont seem to have time to exercise. I have tried eating right but whatever foods are quick and convenient are the ones I want. I have recently started eating the Special K bars because I can just grab them and go and I can take them to work with me for lunch and I drink lots of water. I have been eating them for about a week now for breakfast and sometimes lunch. I eat one for a snack when I am hungry. Does anyone have any other easy ideas to cut back and loose weight with my tight schedule?
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@healer (1783)
• India
6 Jun 07
weight loss - happy that the old jean waist have become big
Every body is different. It stands to reason that everybody will lose weight differently. Even if you do the exact same things that I do, you won’t lose weight at the same rate. The key is in finding your triggers. Keep your goal in sight, and do whatever you have to do to meet that goal. When you start looking at someone else’s habits, you’re only going to become discouraged and quit without even realizing that it’s physically impossible to be anybody but yourself. You don’t have to eliminate fast food completely, but you should avoid it at all costs. Most of it is nasty, bad stuff anyway - if you’d even go as far as to call it food. If you’re looking for convenience, find a more convenient meal source. Besides, most of what they serve would be considered “food product,” not food. There’s a gigantic difference as far as your body is concerned. Your bloodstream does not have taste buds, need I remind you?