new hero on 6.44 map

@ee_uze (30)
United States
June 6, 2007 8:52pm CST
who is your favorite hero among 6 new heroes on 6.44 map ? .... why ? i think Dark seer ... his wall of replica is really amazing.. he also can run very fast... :-)
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• Philippines
11 Jun 07
Same here, I like Dark Seer. But I make turn him into a battle int. I give him Satanic,Burizado and CuirrassAssault. The first time I did it is when me and my friend where matched up with all agi heroes: Strygwyr,Lesale and Bone Clinks. I killed Bone Clinks w/ Lesale because of high critical damage and Satanic hastens up my life steal and speed.
@ee_uze (30)
• United States
11 Jun 07
do you thing dark seer is a late game hero ?
• Singapore
12 Jun 07
the new heroes are all "weird" but interesting. Undying is an intel "tank". Husker is a strength range. Pitlord is a strength hero with mana intensive spells.
• United States
23 Dec 10
I am not sure which heroes came out on 6.44 as that was a while ago but I did enhoy playing dark seer. He was a great support/gank character in recent years.
@Acceed (33)
• Sweden
12 Aug 07
Huskar the Sacred Warrior. When you're reached BoT and 5 hearts... well... He's just so imba.
• Philippines
14 Jul 07
i dont know! the best wast undying than dark seer bcos at the beggining the dark seer becomes the first blood.. and the Undying can kill the roshan even if the undying is still in the level 9.. when i kill the roshan at my level 9? everyone was shocked! all they can say was:"wow!" "who was that?"
• Indonesia
9 Jul 07
i think dark seer is over power but i like that. wkkwkwkwkwk