2012 and the end of the world

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June 7, 2007 12:28am CST
i would like peoples thoughts on the overwhelming evidence that a cataclysmic event will take place in december 2012. the mayan calender ends in 2012 and a computer program that predicts stock market results has recently predicted a world wide altering event in 2012. some people beleive that anything could happen wether it be something hitting the earth or a solar storm that fries the earths surface. also there is talk of the earths axis suddenly shifting. last but not least many people think that extraterrestrial contact may finally take place publicly and undeniably. or of course maybe nuclear war. one thing i beleive is that SOMETHING will happen in 2012. this is not like when the millenium came this is a prophecy from the beginning of prophecies. please keep an open mind and do a little research before you reply. you may be surprised at the amount of evidence.
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20 Jul 08
Predictions are not evidence. The National Hurricane center predicts a certain amount of storms every year based on scientific evidence and is frequently wrong. The first recorded prediction of the end of the world occured in 2,800 BC. People were convinced it would occur in their lifetime due to the state of their society - immorality, etc. More primitive views of god accepted a deity who would destroy humanity for going too far - kind of like pressing a reset button on the human race, hence the Noah story. Though religions have evolved away from this mindset, the idea of world destruction either for randomness or for bad behavior is still around. What this tells us is that anxiety about this is a persistent human trait, one which certain religions and political groups feed on. Perhaps we learn this when we are first babysat, act up, and get in major trouble when our parents return. We all remember the recent millenial angst in relation to Y2K. Remember the mayhem which was supposed to occur? A similar sentiment occured in 1000 BC, with many Christians waiting in churches for Christ to come back. They were disappointed when it didn't happen. This has been called a type of millenium thinking which occurs right around a change in milleniums. We have also been dealing with the cold war, the arms race, terrorism, economic and environmental issues in the last few decades, it's no surprise we would be concerned about things ending in a blaze of glory. We are living, as does every generation, at the forefront of history, it is difficult for some to imagine us going much further ahead in time, but time does go by. Perhaps it was difficult for the Mayans to imagine much further beyond 2012 so they didn't include it. Most calendars end at December 31st of the current year - does that mean the world will end, just because some calendar ended on that date? Some seem to want to believe such prophecies because if it happens it makes their religious beliefs true - kind of like making the absent parent return from their night out to replace the babysitter once and for all. We only get a short amount of time on this planet, why spend it being consumed with an uncertain end? Focus on making your life exactly what you dream it could be, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, intellectually, financially and if it ends you've still accomplished what you set out to accomplish. But to be honest, predictions about the end of the world are notoriously wrong. There are roughly 300 predictions on different dates which are known, countless others which never made history I'm sure, none of which have come true. Though cataclysmic diaster is terrifying, so is a wasted life.
• India
7 Jun 07
omg! i didnt know anything about this before, thanks for providing such a valuable information. ya i did some research myself on the internet about this....this topic seems quite scary and confusing...well i wish everythin turns out be fine ...We all want to live more.. :D ..anyways very nice discussions ...i want people to respond this one...nice work gothboyy!