i am so lonely today and i wanna cry

@lorz81 (81)
June 7, 2007 10:40am CST
my feeling was not good. I was bored. Got a mood swing everyday... Sometimes Just Dont know how to handle my lonliness even things are good! i know it was suck to be alone but i am used of it just really wanna cry today..... if only i could make things possible
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• India
8 Jun 07
In life if there are success, there are failure too. We must welcome both with same happiness. Because every failure teaches us something for success. After failures in life, success is inevitable. Seems you think much about your failures. Try to remember those good things only which are helpful to keep you in happy mood. Make lonliness your friend not enemy. When we are alone at home or othere places, we find much time to think on any one subject without disturbance. Try to concentrate on one subject. Do not rest till matter is finished. Be positive thinker. Do not think about failures.
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
7 Jun 07
Cheer up. Life gets me down some days and for no reason at all I get sad and want to cry. I chalk it up to PMS. Some times it is just sadness. Hopefully it will pass for you and tomorrow will be brighter. Besides we have each other here in mylot to cheer each other up. Smile