Is it a Scam? Sites to avoid ripoffs...

@brian_s (570)
United States
June 7, 2007 1:28pm CST
I just posted the following information on someone else's discussion. Then I decided that I wanted feedback on what you all think about these sites, and also other techniques you use to avoid being scammed. What do you think about these sites? Have you been saved from scams like I have because of them? Have you ever used them to report a scam? What else do you use? Better Business Bureau Search for the company or their URL. If they have a record, check it out. If there are unresolved complaints, run hard away from the scam or horrible company. If they have no record, and have been in business for a long time (and you are sure that they have been), then no record is a good thing, for it means no complaints. If they are new and have no complaints, it is neither good or bad, but means that there is not enough information to tell (so I would stay away from them too). If a company is listed as a BBB member in good standing, then that is awesome. Rip Off Report Here you can search for companies as well. People write complaints. But then. the company, its employees, and other customers are able to second the claim or write a rebuttal that shows up on the same page. I think that is great, here you have someones point and the counterpoint. You are able to see both sides, and make up your own mind. If a company doesn't have complaints (and it has been around for a long time), then it is a good thing. Also if you are satisfied with the rebuttals and think the complaint was just issued by a lazy whiner, then the company is OK to try.
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@TriciaW (2441)
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7 Jun 07
I think you gave great advice. I have used those sites and methods as well. I tend to check out anyone that wants money from me. I even ask here what people think before I join because many here have tried so many things and someone usually knows if they pay or if they are a scam. I usually don't join those that cost money anymore because it hasn't worked out well for me. I hope everyone takes your advice.
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