What do u prefer: Street or Basketball

June 7, 2007 3:08pm CST
what u prefer the street the basketball game with not rulez or the old and good basketball ??
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• United States
7 Jun 07
It's not that street basketball has no rules, it's quite the opposite actually. The difference is, like anywhere else you play, you have to call your own fouls. Or you have someone else calling fouls, but it's always the players. You govern the game yourself, it's not organized. I mean, this happens in gyms all the time at open runs. It's not a matter of rules/no rules in street basketball v. regular basketball, it's a matter of style. "Street" ball is rougher. A lot of times, fouls aren't called, whether or not it's because it was unnoticed or because the players are letting it slide. You still can't double dribble, you can't travel, you can't break the rules as if there aren't any. It's still the game of basketball. A lot of times, organized games are a lot more strict, but that's because in organized games, you get a referee actually calling games. As far as my preference, I've always loved street ball. It's tougher, you have to be strong and willed in order to play well. There are still rules, but a lot of times things are allowed to be "played through."
@vampoet (825)
• Singapore
7 Jun 07
I guess the one with no rules has more element of risk in it like sudden fights or injuries and such. I prefer to play by the rules as it gives a good gauge on your performance with other team members. No rules games can end up rowdy or violent at times.