Victoria still putting the screws to Brad, But 6-7-07

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) giving ultimatum to Brad - Victoria telling Brad to sell the Clearwater properties to NVP and she won't tell about his insider trading and will let him keep his board seat.
@stealthy (8188)
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June 7, 2007 7:24pm CST
Victoria is still trying to get Brad to sell the Clearwater property to NVP, but Brad may get out of it. Can't the writers let Victoria win against Brad at least once. Everyone wants Victoria to be stronger including Amelia Heinle the actress playing her. It was hard enough for Amelia to come in as a replacement for Heather Tom who played the part for so long without the writers doing this to her. It is really a huge disservice to an excellent actress. What the writers should do is have Victoria tell Brad to resign his Newman board seat or she will take it away since Brad Carlton doesn't really exist as he is really George Kaplan.
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