MOM, Dont Eat The Lobster!!

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June 7, 2007 10:43pm CST
So we thought it would be fun to take our boys to Red Lobster to eat. While we were wating we were looking at the lobsters they have in the tank. The boys thought they were really cool. I {not thinking} said "im going to eat one of those" OH MAN!!! my oldest Burst into tears and yelled "MOM dont eat the lobsters!"!!! Oh I felt like crap. So I told him I was kidding and I wouldnt eat them. Alls good and we make it through dinner {yes I had lobster but he didnt know}. On the way out my youngest proudly annouunces to the whole wating room {about 30 people} "I ate one of those!!" LOL. What a great experiance that was!!!!
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8 Jun 07
haha!! Thats just priceless,,! I can just see your boys..and the facial expressions on there little faces..and the youngest with his comedy lol..I love Lobster..and i dont know how Sky would react if I ate one in front of him..he loves the ones at our grocery store,he talks to them and loves em lol..but ya never know..he loves shrimp and crab legs..I just wont ever tell him what they are till he older lol..but Lobster..u just cant hide what they are when u eat them..hummm..maybe ill wait a few years before opening that can of worms! lol..have a great night!