I had massive allergic reaction for 14 nights!

@lavena (12)
June 8, 2007 5:43am CST
I knew all along I am sensitive to certain foods but the outbreak are always a few hives here and there. But one night, they decided to give it all to me. The recall sight of them now still frightens me. They were all over my body from head to toe. Medications woud only ease the itch. Could you imagine me sleepless for 14 nights and the phobia then before bedtime were unforgettable. You wish they wouldn't visit you tonight and when they did again, I would be down the whole day. And I hardly ate anything cos everything that I ate seems to create more hives. I was so hungry that I boiled an egg and only ate the white, within 10 mins, more hives! See my scray arm.
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