is emptiness better that constant hurting??

June 8, 2007 6:37am CST
"i hate forcing myself to let go of one person that i need in my life, it's the only thing that makes sense but at the same time, its the same thing that complicates me. I know that im better off w/o that person, yet i feel empty whenever i try to let go. Is emptiness betther than constant hurting?"
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@ctrymuziklvr (11057)
• United States
8 Jun 07
You must be my twin but many years younger! lolol...I have been going through this same thing for 14 months now and I experience both emptiness and hurting. Which is better? It's hard to answer that question. The emptiness can be filled up with other things and people but the hurting never stops. Good luck.
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
ouch. im sorry to hear that sis. hmmm i chose to be empty than continous hurting and at the same time all the negative feelings follows like feeling worthless as well. thats a big no! no!
@chiyosan (30185)
• Philippines
14 Mar 08
i think feeling empty all the time is much much worse that having pains. as for me... it is because when you feel empty, you may feel hopeless and may never know or find what will fill up the space in your heart. feeling empty chokes you and for no reason at all... it is so depressing too.. :(
@academic2 (7000)
• Uganda
19 Jul 07
Those are the two most agonizing elements of staying alive on this planet earth! We neither need hurt nor the agony of emptiness! Even if letting go brings emptiness, staying in hurt is probably a greater evil-the best thing is to recollect yourself, cry out to vent your pain once you have let go, it shuld be temporal episode of missing the hurful person, soon after, life must go on, cool down, some one God sent who knows neither hurt nor the habit of causing you emptiness will be there just for your bliss in life for ever!
• United States
21 Jun 07
I kinda understand what you're talking about. I honestly think that emptiness is much worse than constant hurting. The hurting means you are loving and waiting for something or someone while the emptiness kinda shows you just threw everything away without really caring. -Good luck though choosing one.
@johndur (3052)
• Pasig, Philippines
5 Feb 08
if im in your shoes...i would rather leave the one i used to love than be hurt constantly may it be physically or mentally doesnt matter...its better to live alone than with someone who doesnt show love to you and hurt you most of the time...besides there are friends who you can turn to and give you love and there are also your parents or sisters or brother who can really love you like no other...better look for one who will love you without you being hurt...