From waste to fuel

June 8, 2007 7:57am CST
Biofuels have become a solution for global warming (as they release less co2) and oil dependency (We can manufacture them domestically). In future it will play a vital role in many countries economy.
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@pallidyne (858)
• United States
8 Jun 07
Except that one biofuel that is being touted as the solution is not energy efficient: Ethanol- In many instances it takes more energy to produce than it returns. It's too bad that we are neglecting the one fuel that would have NO CO2 emissions at all-- Hydrogen fuel cells. The by product of this engine is H2O. Yep, water. Your tailpipe would leak water rather than ANY form of hazardous chemical.
• India
10 Jun 07
Its depends how you make them, do you make them with agricultural products, which is not good for the future or you make them out of agricultural, urban or municipal waste as anyhow developed and developing nations are producing millions of tons of these waste each year, they do not have to spend any money or effort further for them.
@rsa101 (24174)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
I guess you are right in there. Our dependence on Oil will soon be starting to diminish as the demand for it is getting stronger than ever and seems that the supply won't last like it used to be. We need alternatives and Biofuels and Biogas will soon emerge as the next solution to this impending crisis.
@rsa101 (24174)
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
Yeah although there many issues being thrown at this solution I still believe that it is still the next best thing to preserve deteriorating climate that we are experiencing right now. I think we will find ways to make this possible in the future and we would not depend on these big oil companies that are controlling the prices of their product. We are all at their knees for them whenever they increase the price of oil.
@millardos (408)
• France
16 Mar 08
well, using biofuels is a little bit tricky, since it needs a large space to grow its plants, however, biofuels will be a very interesting generation of energy, but it will be also a cause of food price increasing in the markets which leads to a soaring of hunger in the world
@rsa101 (24174)
• Philippines
7 Feb 08
I can see the future for these plants. We have in our country these certain jathropa plant which they said a seed is 40% oil which could be made into Biodiesel if taken in large quantity. I think there are a small entrepreneurs who is starting to build farms to be able to mass produced it.