How would you like the Primaries to end?

United States
June 8, 2007 10:45am CST
Personally I am very much hoping for McCain and Obama to get the nominations from their party. I say this in the hopes that there would be actual debates and perhaps a National dialogue on some real issues. It would be a situation where I really would have to think a bit as to who I would vote for, as I can see good leadership qualities in each, as well as some similar opinions on some of the issues. Please, when responding pick one Dem AND one Rep, k? This is how you want to see the 2008 face off to be set up, not how it will end.
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• United States
8 Jun 07
I'm hoping for an Edwards/Obama ticket on the Dem side. I don't think that Obama has enough experience to win the general election, but I think that between the two of them - Edwards and Obama - they'd really stand for something. Plus I prefer Edwards' health care plan to Obama's. On the republican side - and admittedly I've paid less attention since I won't be able to vote in their primary - I'd definetly like to see McCain and Giuliani. I like McCain less than I did in 2000. McCain back then actually STOOD for something. Now he's just parroting the same party line that's failed to bring anything positive to the country for the last 6 years. BUT - and this is mostly hope - I think that if he wins the primary AND has the sense to pair himself with Giuliani who, though all eleven republican candidates have been soft pedalling the issues, seems to have said the most about actual policy, maybe McCain will remember that he used to stand for something too.