June 8, 2007 1:17pm CST
Theres lots of different types of discrimination. Wheather its sexist, racist, homofobic, bias.etc i really dont like when people assume that someone is a way just becuase they look and i dont like it when people judge me. Have you been judged? do you judge people?
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• Canada
8 Jun 07
I agree with you completely . Often times people are too quick to judge someone on how they look rather then taking the time to get to know who they are as a person and find out what they are really like . I have been judged consistently my whole life and have to say that I am sick of others that assume they know you because they have heard something or because of how you look or talk . If people would only realize what they could be missing because they could be missing a lot of friendships that would have been good and having the chance to get to know someone who could have been very important in their life . But I do believe that each of us is at fault for this at some time in our life . We say something that we shouldn't have said for whatever reason . I try very hard not to judge anyone until I get to know them but know that I have been at fault and listened to gossip from a friend or someone in the family and pre-judged someone based on what I was told .
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