June 8, 2007 1:37pm CST
Do you ever have the pressure to be perfect? By your friends.. parents? to be perfect in your grades, your life , to be the one who is always focused? Do you ever want to let loose but dont know how? scream in the halls with out a care?
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@chelseea (74)
• Canada
14 Jun 07
are you trying to write a disscuision about me? no just kidding. I know how it is. One of these days megan im gonna let loose and you'll be there to see it. :)
@cutiedhes (507)
• Philippines
12 Jun 07
When i was still studying, yes i do feel pressured because my mother would always want me to have a high grades and would be that excellent in school and would always compare me to my friends and classmates. And if sometimes i don't achieve what they wanted they would get mad at me and would tell me that whatever happens i should be as good, as excellent as my friends which i admit i cannot be because i am just an average person and even if i study harder and give the best i can that's all what i can give. But now that i am working they do understand my feelings, that they should not force me or pressured me on things i cannot have or give to them.
12 Jun 07
Hi there, My parents always expected too much of me god wasnt i glad when i moved out now i can do what i want when i want its great.