Are all stereotypes bad?

@brian_s (570)
United States
June 8, 2007 2:18pm CST
I just read a discussion that talked about stereotypes, and all the negative attitudes that people have out there. But a stereotype is merely an oversimplified conventional viewpoint. I do not deny that there are and have been horrible stereotypes. But my question is this: are all stereotypes a bad thing? Here are a couple examples to think about. Stereotypes are not always about people. There is a stereotype that if a make-money-program sounds too good to be true, then it is probably not true, but rather a scam. Can this stereotype really hurt anyone? If someone buys into the stereotype, the worst that can happen is they lose out on making a little money in the future. However, by believing the stereotype, some people have saved themselves from money they have being stolen from them. There are some "positive stereotypes" about people that some people don't like. The view that all Asians are smart for example, is a common view, and some Asians that I know like that stereotype, while others do not, because they say it tends to put undue pressure on them intellectually that others may not have. I for one do not mind the stereotype that artists are weird. I tend to like that view, even though it is quite oversimplified and often wrong. I would rather not look like I am just like everyone else. Are these, and all other stereotypes, bad?
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@suspenseful (40313)
• Canada
19 Jul 07
All stereotypes are bad even the good ones. Take for example, the stereotype in the tv and movie industry, that when an African American does something bad, he has a good reason or they are more moral than us white people. The African American when persecuted suffers more deeply than anyone else. So therefore if you want to write a script about someone losing a child who was run over by a drunk driver, use an African American, his soulful and pathetic brown eyes plus those years of slavery endured by his ancestors will pull at your heartstrings. The African American because Africans were the first peoples are natural leaders and should be rulers in businesses, politics, should be our police chiefs and their word is law, according to TV dramas. Come to think, this is not a good stereotype. Are we not to rise according to our merit, not according to our skin color?