Will I become a soccer mom?

United States
June 8, 2007 11:20pm CST
I've heard the term "soccer mom" for years. But, until I became a mommy myself, I didn't know what it really meant. Or, why someone would ever want to be one. And, even though my kid is way too young to be involved in soccer, I know that the time will come, when I'll spend my days shuttling an overzealous soccer fanatic and her friends to and from sports events. Of course there's the possibility that she'll like ballet. So, then I guess my dream of becoming a soccer mom will quietly die. Whatever happens, I hope I can bring the same preppy sophistication to the job that my soccer foremothers have done! Do you consider yourself a soccer mom? Can you really be a soccer mom if your kids don't play soccer, but are involved in other activities like baseball or ballet?
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