Windows update

United States
August 1, 2006 11:27am CST
I want to update my computer from Windows 98 to Windows XP free and clean
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• India
2 Oct 06
U need to UPGRADE or UPDATE???????
@maevic (821)
• Bahrain
2 Oct 06
hey there.... If you have the windows xp cd it is very easy since it boots from the Cd-ROM. But if you want a clean start-up you have to format your harddisk. You have to back up you file on the other disk such as flash drive or CD. or if your HD is partitioned you can leave your documents on the other party. Anywaysa after doing the back up you have to restart the computer and press ESC or F4, this really varies on different computers, in me I need to press ESC button so I can go to DOS MODE. On the DOS mode you are on the C directory C:\ 'then type format c C:\format c: and it will ask you if you are sure and press Y as yes. then if will format for few minutes. After this process you're computer now is clean. You can now insert the Windows XP CD and it will boot (autorun) upon closing it. Then continue with the set-up. Just make sure your computer satisfies XP's requirements otherwise it will be very slow.
• United States
1 Aug 06
It's somewhat unclear as to what you're looking for, but I can give you at least some help...if you're looking for a free version of Windows XP, unfortunately there is no legal way to obtain one. If you want to just wipe everything off your hard drive as you install Windows XP, that is a bit easier. Any XP install CD allows you to boot directly off of the CD to start the install process. When you do this, you will get to a point where it asks you what partition to install to. At this point, follow the instructions on the screen to delete any existing partitions, then create a new partition. When it asks you how to format the drive, select NTFS (quick). That will get rid of everything that is currently on the drive, and give you a clean install of Windows XP to work with.