Best Game

June 9, 2007 9:44am CST
Well I like To Hear From You The Best Game U ever Played..Say Da Name and The Ctaogry of the Game ..r me the Best Game I ever Played Is World of war craft acctualy it is the 1st mmorpg i played
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• India
20 Aug 07 best games are actually must have heard about it..i have played for 4 years i suppose and i completed it till the end 16 times as far as i remember...ahhmmm;-) 2.Bomber man... i love this game too..actually what i like in this game is graphics..the game is pretty good too is actually a mobile game on Sony Ericsson's mobiles...i have not played it for years but for few months ..till i had that phone with me..but i loved it.. ...among online games i like paint buckets,dynomite,cubes,big money..all from World Winner..i am new have not tried many games..but they all seem pretty interesting...
• China
18 Aug 07
I agree with you. The best game on line is WOW. Oh! I like it so much. My class is Shaman. I think Shaman is powerful.
• India
7 Jul 07
well i am not a gaming buffbut yes i have played quite a few games and the best game which i have found is half life. i really liked that game and i am looking forward to playing half life 2 as soon as i am able to get it
@her0ic (46)
• United States
7 Jul 07
The best game ever to be created in its time is counter-strike thank you very much WoW is ok but counter-strike comes with competition and intense game play
• Malaysia
7 Jul 07
The best game i've played is definetely Unreal Tournament 2004.. Its a first person shooter and it rocks. Fast paced action and quick thinking mixed with strategy and a whole lot of guts can get you ahead of this game. Cheers m8
4 Jul 07
Doom is definitely the best game I ever played. Especially because of all the player designed levels you can play with it. All games nowadays are rubbish in comparison, we need more games where we can make our own maps for.
@Lotheron (15)
• Czech Republic
30 Jun 07
i play wow too...It is fantastic game :P
@youless (97693)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Jun 07
The Sims is my favorite game. It seems that I can have another life in the virtual game.
@leafgxu (473)
• China
28 Jun 07
I like play WOW too. But the first MMORPG I played is GrossGate, a game form Japan.