My Boston has seizures

@FSCAries (881)
United States
June 9, 2007 1:27pm CST
I've been told that it is a common occurence for Bostons to suffer from seizures... I was just wondering if anyone else out there has one with the same condition. We have him on medication for it, so it happens very infrequently now, but I can't help but wonder about how he feels when he has an episode. He looks so bewildered and lost and it just breaks my heart that I cannot keep him totally free of the affliction.
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12 Jun 07
I don't have a Boston so I can't help you there, but my Cocker Spaniel has occasional Grand mals. I usually give her a tsp. of suger while she is still out and she comes around quite quickly, then I hold her, rocking and softly talking to calm her until she feels normal again. My moms vet told her about the sugar for her poodle and it works like a charm. They come out of it much faster and it helps us to feel like we have done something to help our babies.