what is important to u..LOve or Money?

@lorz81 (81)
June 9, 2007 8:18pm CST
Well for me Both bcoz Love is the most wonderful gift from us and its nice to love or be love by someone.One i hate is To be hurt that's why some people prefer not to Love again and they were happy to be alone even they dont have a partner in life bcoz they avoid stress or let say they dont wnat anymore to add this problem in their life. Speaking of MOney... without money how can i survive and even you are full of Love from other people there are time you are not still not happy maybe becoz you dont want to be dependent from them. what about you if you choose only one from the choices.what is more important LOVE or MONEY?
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• United States
10 Jun 07
As you mentioned, reality is that you actually need both. Love is wonderful and if I could live on love alone that would be super, but I can't so I have to find a balance. I think that too many people think that money doesn't matter until they are in financial problems, then it is a bigger deal. Great topic !
@lorz81 (81)
• Philippines
10 Jun 07
good answer!