whose choke slam is powerful

June 9, 2007 10:36pm CST
guys there r many guys who put chokeslam undertaker,kane,big show are the few so tell me whose chokeslam is powerful
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10 Jun 07
Khali is crap, granted he is quite powerful, but the Big Show would comeback and kick his big indian butt. I think bakc when Undertaker returned to attack Orton afater SD Vs Raw during survivor series, that were powerful chokelsams, but Kane has powerful ones as well. Undertakers are powerful but Big Show is powerful as well.
@Shresth (263)
• India
10 Jul 07
U r a crap, khali's not, u guyz hv a fear 4m khali, dat's y u say so, bt u kw wt dis WWE is jus nt real, he's a gr8 man (DALIP is his name) n nt da 1 Vince is showing on d tv !!!!!!!!!!! DALIP SINGH R0CK$ !!!!!!!!!!
• India
22 Jul 07
ya there are many guys but not all perfect in it . in my openion kane and undertakers chokeslam is powerful than any one .i think this is this .thank you
• Pakistan
27 Jun 07
i go with undertaker cause i used to love him for his choke slam only, and anyways whenever he used it the opponent went down ... i dont know it was fake or what but they did get pinned down then.
@sanshray (149)
• India
27 Jun 07
Big Show has power....Kane has hight.....but I still like Undertaker a lot more than the two. So I will go with Undertaker.
@arcidy (5013)
• United States
11 Jun 07
in the wwe I had to say the Big Show had the most powerful choke slam out of them. The Undertaker hardly does it anymore and kane dosnt look that good when he does it but when the big show did it. It look very powerful mainly cause of his hand size cause they were so big and he could deffintley hurt you when he did the choke slam
• Ghana
10 Jun 07
i think in wwe it is not the kane,underteker,big show who is having the powerful chokeslam it is the one and only the 7.3 foot monster khali.........who is having double handed choke slam........... thank u...................
@niki_26 (125)
• India
10 Jun 07
I think Kane bcoz undertaker doesnt use the choke slam any more and as for big show i dont watch his matches