which song u like the most/wish to recommend?

June 10, 2007 2:18am CST
actually,not really familiar with their song...but i like the song cant buy me love.this is a song where my friend introduce to me.
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• Canada
10 Jun 07
Comfortably Numb. The odd thing about that song, is I do not recommend it for the lyrics at all. I recommend it for the solos. The first solo has the potential to bring tears to your eyes, especially if you hear it played live. The second solo has more life to it, but no nearly as emotional. The song is what inspired me to play guitar many years ago.
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@1qazxsw2 (512)
• Singapore
10 Jun 07
I like Hotel California by the Eagles..it's a legend.
• Malaysia
11 Jun 07
haha... i also like that... now i serching that song to hear too... that is amazing haha
@steven318 (469)
• Malaysia
11 Jun 07
erm.. according to your song... i feel that i never hear before.. but sound interting and touch song.. try to serach 1 day... but so far i like to hear the Jay Chow song that talk about listen to mum advice song.. strong meaning inside even is a chinese Taiwan song...
@Amstardam (1348)
• United States
10 Jun 07
I really like every song put out by the band Spoon. They are very good. They've been compared to The Beatles and Wilco. They also have a new album coming out next month. Yay! As for a favorite song...I guess "Paper Tiger." Check out their albums Kill the Moonlight and Gimme Fiction.