Fine Line Between Asking and Demanding

@sandwedge (1340)
June 10, 2007 4:51am CST
this discussion is directed ate Christians in particular. The reason? Because some religion they spend their lives praying for their prophet instead of themselves. I say fine line is because i keep hearing friends and colleagues saying they don't believe in God becaseu he does not answer their prayer. Some say what is use of God when he do not help you when yuo call to him. example Some people asked God to help them get a job. They did not get the job. They say, "Where is this God of mine?" ...IF God do no answer, the person praying blames God demanding that God MUST answer their prayers. Wouldn't that be like having a servant and demanding they do things for you? So how would you conduct youself with requesting for something from God and not look like you expect God to MUST act like your servant answering your every whims?
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10 Jun 07
I think it is important to remember that God is all knowing and sometimes, when it appears HE has not answered our prayers, He actually has. In the example you gave, it could be that the person needs the trial of unemployment for some reason or the right job for them is not currently available. I have heard of people praying to ask that their relationship be saved, but when it is not, they blame God. It is quite possible that it was not saved becasue God has something even better coming up for you. We are told in the Bible that we have the right to ask GOd for things we need, but we need to have the faith that He knows our true needs and will provide them in the best way, even if it is not how WE think it should be.
@sandwedge (1340)
• Malaysia
11 Jun 07
well said!