June 10, 2007 7:15am CST
I don't normally promote other websites. But I was told today that mylot no longer accepts e-gold. The new site is moneybookers. After taking a quick look I was pleasantly surprised. Although paypal has a longer standing reputation this site seems to be ok! I signed up and unlike paypal it didn't request my debit card details! The proof is going to be in using the site. But there is also th epotential for earning money back from them. Take a look.. It costs nothing to join and have a browse around!
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• Pakistan
10 Jun 07
yeah it is but i have no chance to use paypal or E-Gold cuase for my country only the way is moneybookers.
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10 Jun 07
Then it is good that mylot have switched. I know alot of people were struggling to find a way to recieve payment.
@creationhub (3070)
• Malaysia
10 Jun 07
I have been using moneybookers for other transactions before. They are reliable and is governed by the FSA of UK. That makes them safer compared to many other online payment processors. You would need to enter your card details should you wish to fund via credit or debit card. They also require bank account details should you want to transfer funds directly to your bank. What I like is that they only charge 0.50 euro per transaction. This is pretty low and affordable. Welcome to
10 Jun 07
I think it is because they are based in the uk that makes me feel safer with them.