Congratulations is in order

@gewcew23 (8010)
United States
June 10, 2007 4:29pm CST
I want to congratulate all of my fellow citizens that helped to defeat this pathetic attempt to grant amnesty to all of the illegal aliens. When Thursday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to stop all debates on the amnesty bill, he couldn't get enough votes for closure. This is a huge victory for my fellow Americans. Also this is a huge defeat for those that would like to destroy my country. Yes I am celebrating and don't mind gloating. So should all of you. Don't let the media change your mind. The media keeps saying that this was a failure that Congress couldn't pass this amnesty bill. This is why ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN keep losing viewers. They don't understand middle america. They think we are wrong, and they are right. And I am tired of hearing that we are just a minority that opposed this bill. Last time I checked more people opposed this bill than opposed the Iraq war. So let me understand this correctly we are right for opposing the Iraq war but wrong for opposing amnesty. I would like to know how you all are planning on celebrating this victory. I plan on writing a letter in congratulations to every senator that voted against closure. And maybe a beer or two. V is for Victory.
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@PunkyMcPunk (1477)
• Canada
10 Jun 07
Hey tehre and congratulations to you and your country for sticking up and doing what is right for you and not what other countries think you should do! I am Canadian and you are probably wondering why I (of all people) am congratulating you for, I am congratulating you and your country because I want to move to America. I am doing this legally and it kind of mad me extremely upset to think that I am struggling to do this right and there are all of those other people that just went to your country illegally and they might have gotten away with it. I think all of the illegals should be rounded up and sent HOME. Think of the jobs it would create for Americans and legal people in your country.
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@gewcew23 (8010)
• United States
10 Jun 07
Thank you for your response. I have no problem with responses from people that live in foreigh countries wanting to move to the US I would love nothing better than to round up all the ILLEGIALS and deport them all. And then bring in people that will respect my county and her laws. Maybe one day PunkyMcPunk you can call yourself a fellow american, and you can put up with the headache that I have to put up with. But maybe if I had more people living in this country that think the way I think; it wouldn't be such a headache. Good day to you.