gruesome movies. (what do you think?)

June 10, 2007 5:16pm CST
over the weekend, i have been watching some films and i can only discribe them as greusome for the most part, however this does not stop them from being good films in their own right. the other night i watched apocolipto, this film is all subtitles and is about different tribes. my father saw this before i di and he warned me that it was very graphic during alot of the scenes. and i must admit that there were times that i just wanted to turn away from what i was seeing. that said though, it was a very interesting film, and if you have ever seen passion of the christ, you can certainly tell it was directed by mel gibson. last night i watched 300, this is a movie about the spartains, it had alot of fighting in it (and not much else to be honest) the story was good but it was quite gory in places... i would actually say that if you like fighting movies with alot of blood in them, watch this one lol. just now, i have finished watching saw 3, i have left this movie for ages purely because i haven't seen saw 2... but tonight i thought "what the heck" and put it on. my goodness it was so gory just for gories sake! there were parts where i did actually stop looking (i am fine with horrors and such, but watching someone rip stuff out of their bodies, very painfully is not really my thing). more than anything it is the plot to this movie that i liked, but i very much doubt i would watch it ever again. have any mylotians watched any of these 3 movies? if so please tell me what you think of them.
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@xygui14 (19)
• Philippines
10 Oct 07
how do you watch a movie? im just wondering how could you say such things about 300? im a big fan of that movie ive watched it twice... i love it so much, i appreciate how the spartans fight for their rights and for their loved ones.. if you watch a movie, you have to learn how to put yourself in a situation so you can appreciate it, eventhough you dont really love the movie. ive also watched saw,all series actually 1,2,and 3.. this movie makes me think, then i realized that theres a good reason why jigsaw do a tricks to all his victim, but the bad thing is he do his tricks in a bad way, but this movie is very good...try watching all this films again!!!!!!
11 Oct 07
are you trying to say that i didn't get the point of these films? well actually, yes i did get the point of them! the story lines made sense to me, i understand that the spartians were fighting for their country to remain their own, to keep their land and loved ones the same as they have always been. it didn't stop the fact that tere was alot of blood and gore in this film, yes it had a point to it, obviously fighting incurs such things, but there was definately alot of it. as for the saw movies, yes i know that jigsaw has a plan for each and everyone of his victims, and i know that it is meant in a good way (just done in an horrific way), he means for his victims to be able to attone for thier past mistakes in life, make what they have done right, and then they can escape, if not, they diein a very gruesome way. i adore all horror type movies, i just find that todays breed of good horrors tend to be a whole lot more graphic than they used to be.
@inked4life (4226)
• United States
10 Jun 07
I am a big fan of horror movies and the gorier the better for me. I haven't seen Apocalypto and don't really plan to, to be honest. "300" for me was the best movie of the year so far and I love the "Saw" series although I thought the third one was the weakest so far but I still really enjoyed it. If you want to see real meaningless gore for the sake of it watch either of the two Hostel movies.
10 Jun 07
i have seen the first hostel, and i actually thought it was pretty good, the only time i really couldn't watch was when the oriental girl was having her eye burned (omg i hate anything to do with eye! it makes me squirm!). to watch a totally gross movie, you really have to go back a few years (infact they were made before i was born) and they are canibal haulocost and canibal ferox... oh my they are very sick indeed! (i have them on video, and as far as i know, they were both banned).
@gradyslady (4055)
• United States
28 Sep 07
I love horror movies. I loved all three Saw movies. I don't think 300 was as gory as people said it was going to be, but I really liked it.