To smack or Not to smack your kids

New Zealand
June 10, 2007 5:33pm CST
I grew up in a family thats been disciplined by smacking and i learned a lot from my parents, i respect them, i love them and i thank them for who am i now. But now i am a mother of two, my eldest will be 3 years old for the next two months and i moved up in this country that smacking will become illegal soon. while they have the debate regarding this matter, it come my mind that how are we gonna discipline our kids? i am not so much into smacking though i grew up in that way of disciplining...i don't want my kids to grew up without that respect i have with my parents then i read in a book about positive parenting and thats what i am applying now, it needs hard work but i feel great. So in your opinion, which discipline works for you? To Smack or not to smack.
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• United States
10 Jun 07
Occasionally I do spank my daughter. It is however, a last resort type thing, and only on her diapered bottom. First I try No, and redirection, then a time out, followed by a swat on the bottom. It is still possible to discipline our children without spanking,
@vampoet (825)
• Singapore
10 Jun 07
I really do not think, or approve of laying hands on children as a form of discipline. True, sometimes emotions get the better of us and the thought of smacking them left and right becomes very appealing, but that will just lead to resentment, and in the long term, will work against what we want.