Is your husband a good parent?

United States
June 10, 2007 6:59pm CST
My husband is one of the most involved parents, I've ever met. From the moment our daughter was born, he's participated fully in her care. That makes my job as mom so much easier. And, it means that I'm able to get a nap during the middle of the day sometimes. So, I was surprised to hear from some other moms that my husband is not the norm. Some moms have told me that they feel like a single parent on most days. Is this true? How is your husband when it comes to his parenting skills? Does he get involved in the children's sports and activities? Or, does he take the "hands off" approach when it comes to parenting? How would you rate your husband's parenting skills?
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@amyann16 (414)
• United States
11 Jun 07
My husband is an excellent parent, he is very involved. This was one of the reason's I fell for him and knew that he would make a good husband. He is an elementary school teacher and coaches kids sports as well, so I was able to see how he interacts with kids while we were dating. He is constantly doing things with our son, taking him fishing, playing games with him, reading to him, taking him to swim lessons, coaching his t-ball game, etc. I wouldn't want it any other way.
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@latsmom (824)
11 Jun 07
I don't have a husband but my ex does play an active part in her life, e was a terrible boyfreind and was horrible to me and when our daughter was very small he was not really involved at all. Moneywise he woudl give me what ever I asked but it is only since we have split and she is older and able to do more for herself that he has started to bond with her more, it's great that she has both parents and that my ex plays such a big part in her life, I can say a lot of things bad about him as a n ex boyfreind but as a dad over the past couple of years since we split I have to give him a big thumbs up as he has grown very close to our daughter and is very receptive of what she wants and needs and what she likes doing.
@Gorgeous24 (1091)
• United States
12 Jun 07
My guy is a very good father..since the day she was born he has been there changing diapers., giving her bottles, playing with her, working long hard hours so I can stay home with her...hes there for her emotionally and physically if she needs him...hes the best. I do think I am lucky that he is so involved because there are alot more deadbeat dads in this world and luckily hes not one of them. I swear it the funniest thing ever to watch a guy change a newborns diaper LMAO! *Priceless*