Super Short Stories

June 11, 2007 5:14am CST
You have a Super Short Stories to share? In our country where cell phones are everywhere we enjoy sharing Quotes,Jokes and Super Short Stories. So If you have any Feel free to share :) Heres mine... A girl ask his boyfriend "Do you think Im pretty?" His boyfriend said "no" She asked again "Do you think Im cute?" Again he said "no" She asked another one "Do you think Im worthy for you?" Again he said "no" Lastlt she asked "If I go will you cry?" And again he said "no" So she had heard enough As tears was streaming down here eyes she stand thinking never to return Just before she can walk away Her boyfriend held her hand and said "I dont think your pretty, I think your beautifull I dont think you cute, I think your gorgeous Your not worthy of me but you worth everything to me And if you go I wont cry But I will die... A girl have two suitors, the other one is always around making sure shes fine and the other one is always out doing things. One day a news came to the girl the his suitor that is always away has a hole in his heart and is going to die if he dont go into an operation. The suitor whos in danger called the girl asking her if she had made her mind and asking her to make him happy before he dies. The girl said that she is not only willing to make him her boyfriend, she is also willing to marry him. So the girl told her suitor that is always around about the marriage. He told her that after 7 years of waiting its ok if she does not pick him. He said if she is happy with the decision then he will be happy too. So the other suitor had an operation, got well and went to live at the girl's house so they can prepare for the wedding. After weeks of preparation the special day came. After the wedding the girl recieved a letter. "Congrats, I hope your very happy so that I would be very happy too. Love him so in that way my heart that I donated wont be wasted. :O
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