Possible Bomb in the schools......

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June 11, 2007 9:28am CST
Yesterday a friend of mine who is a bus driver told me that all of the schools in the northwest corner of the state we live in were all on a 90min delay due to a bomb threat. The authorities were told that there was a bomb in 1 of the high schools and it was set to go off at 7:30am. I dont understand how someone can just threaten to blow up a school of innocent children like that. I really dont. I was scared to send my kids to school today. Granted my kids go to elementary and the threat was on a high school but who is to say that the informer lied about the type of school. I am really scared for the future of our kids. I fear that they are going to have a bigger fight for survival than we ever had or could ever imagine. I know not all parents are bad parents and I totally praise and appreciate the parents that keep there noses in there kids business to keep there kids safe. What I have a problem with are the parents who let there kids do what ever they want whenever they want and dont keep track of there kids. I dont have any teenagers yet but 1 thing I learned from being a teenager my self once is that by keeping track of what your kids are doing and who they are doing it with and where is extremily important. I am eternally gratefull to my mother who kept tabs on me and kept me in line. I am determined to do the same with my kids to keep them safe. How about you do you keep tabs on your kids? Do you make them tell you where they are going and who is going to be there? Do you ask if there are going to be any adults or drugs or alocohol? If you are uncomfortable with there answers do you tell them they cant go or do you tell them they have to go with a few trusted friends and give them your cell phone just in case?
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11 Jun 07
it doese not matter on how you raise your kids these days. what matters is that you are their for them and you are willing to listen when they need to talk. i know alot of parents that that keep tabs on their kids and they still do what they want to do. the one thing that parents have to realise is that you can not shield your child all the time. they have to live and experience things on their own to an extent. those parents that shield their kids are the ones that really have to watch their kids when they go out into the public. like they always say the ones that are the quietest are the ones that you have to look out for. the other ones that you have to look out for are those kids that live in a home that their is constent fighting and name callin between the adults. no matter what you do these days to protect these kids from horms way they will eventually face it and to tell you the truth i would rather have my kids face it now while i am still alive and can answer their ?'s for them than not be here at all for them to talk to. when i was growning up and bad things happened my parents never talked to me about it. yes they kept close tabs on me but they also let me lead my life and experiance surten things on my own so i would no how to deal with it when i got older. i love them for that and that is how my kids are going to be brought up with the exception of me being here for them when they have a question. so for people to sit their and say that it is because of the parents then they are the ones that people need to watch out for. you can not blame the parents for everything these days. parents can only do what they can. they can not watch their kids 24-7 because people do work to survive in this world and it takes two people to make ends meet. parents just have to learn to be their for their kids when they need them the most.