What element are you?

A chart of the 8 elements - A metaphysical chart of the eight elements that are as follows clock wise. WATER - WOOD - EARTH - METAL - FIRE - LIGHTNING - AIR - ICE

The other elements aside for the first basics are offspring of two compatible elements.
@nielcdg (709)
June 11, 2007 9:36am CST
It is said that Man is a part of nature. And nature has 8 elements. Every one has his or her own element which is yours?FIRE - ELEMENT OF ANGER AND OF DESTRUCTION AIR - ELEMENT OF FREEDOM AND OF INSTABILITY EARTH - ELEMENT OF STRENGTH AND OF STUBBORNESS WATER - ELEMENT OF PEACE AND OF CHANGE ICE - ELEMENT OF PRESERVANCE AND OF APATHY METAL - ELEMENT OF ENGENUITY AND OF RELENTLESSNESS WOOD - ELEMENT OF RENEWAL AND OF GREED LIGHTNING - ELEMENT OF POWER AND OF UNPREDICTABILITY I am fire, warm as a friend but burning hot when Im an enemy. Bringer of light and in the same time destruction, I am a bright person but often times my passion is the way to my own sabotage. I am emotional like the flame and sensitive to the needs of other before my own. But I am often consumed by my own passion. Fire has a lot of good things and of bad but all of them are within me. How about you what is your element?
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@5000ml (1923)
• Belgium
11 Jun 07
I'm a Capricorn, so I'm Earth.