which movie you like friction or non-friction?

@binny29 (1527)
June 11, 2007 10:20am CST
whats your type of movie friction or non friction.science related
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@ibuemma (2954)
• United States
11 Jun 07
it depend on how the story flow. for me movie mostly for entertainment purpose so either fiction or real story not really matter as long as have good plot and excitement...hey you pay money to go to movie theater right plus the popcorn and soda...LOL
@pallidyne (858)
• United States
11 Jun 07
I like lots of friction, that much resistance holds for a very hot plot! (Ok, bad physics jokes aside...) It depends on composition, as I can enjoy a good non-fiction film as easily as fiction if done really well with good presenters/actors etc. That being said I feel that many of the non-fictional files I've seen lately have fanciful and embellished plots to the point of becoming fiction. Many of these creations lately in the US are also heavy on a political agenda with the facts being secondary to the person making you believe that their way is the right way. Those I can do without, and try to abstain from, even if they are 'inconvenient'.