Where Is That Box Code??????

@chanter (372)
United States
June 11, 2007 12:50pm CST
Ohhhhh.... this is really driving me crazy! I've done it before and now I can't do it! I was just surfing before, testing some codes and I did it from that piczo site, which has lots of pop ups and stored unwanted things to my computer so I won't get back on that site again. But its the only place so far which I've found that link code, now I can't find it anywhere else! You know, that code for frame/ i-frame box where you put codes to be copied. I was planning to make a website page where I will post codes for Friendster midis but I don't know how and where to find that code!! I know nobody would reply me or tell me how (if there is), I just want to take this hunting code craziness through posting. *sigh*
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