Do you think you are safe visiting Dentist? Think Twice ! Read this to Know More

June 11, 2007 3:10pm CST
We are Unsafe visiting a unknown Dentist. Think Twice B4 having any appointment. My friend visited a dentist and i accompanied my friend, the doctor gave her pain killer Injection to remove her teeth and we both were waiting inside for Pain killer to take effect. By this time the doctor treated couple of Patients, what i noticed was the dentist assistant was sterilizing the bits and sergical equipments using boiling water, he was just dipping and removing equipments and the next patient was ready to be treated. I do not think he ever changed the water. But I got One thing in Mind which i like to share with ever one forward this to your Loved Ones. Many of us have not noticed how unsafe we are. 1) They are using the same water to sterilize. 2) Is the boiling time enough to blood stains & deadly virus. 3) Dentist assistant had not Sterilized the bit holder which the doctor uses to drill teeth & also the water sucker & air blower. "These surgical equipments can contain Blood Stains" As every one knows now a days there are plenty of deadly diseases Like "HIV"..& ........These Diseases will spread not only from the Salon but also from the Dental Equipments. Seeing all this we just walked out without even getting treated.
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