Can you keep your cool in time of need?

@subha12 (18452)
June 11, 2007 10:48pm CST
Can you be patience in time of crisis? Or you get tensed and nervous. Do u have a great presence of mind and take situation tacticly? I am like this more or less. Initially i may get a little tensed but after that I can keep my cool and take right decision. What about you all?
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@aissha (2036)
• India
13 Jun 07
if this question was asked just last month i'd hv answered differently but now situation is different. i have accepted the fact people are different each one of them and u can't change them except the person is u soo accept people as they are and keep focus on what ur aim is in life it may sound confusing but i hv learnt all lil things contribute in life hence effect ur chances of achieving ur goal .for this patience is the ultimate requirement.
@whyaskq (7532)
• Singapore
12 Jun 07
I am more cool in times of crisis except for one crisis. I somehow have the ability to keep calm and cool when the situation is really bad especially when many people are involved. This probably is because I understand the seriousness and have to keep cool to think properly. However, when it comes to affairs of the heart, the mind just cannot keep calm.
• India
12 Jun 07
Yes I have been in many such situations....although initially I would simply freak out making everyone around me restless but now I have matured and try to keep a cool head in most situations.
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
12 Jun 07
Not. I am not relaxed, i'll be nervous and not feeling better of course.