who do you think is the greatest writer in your country?

June 12, 2007 3:45am CST
for any nation ,there must be some discussion as to who is the greaest writer in their country.who do you think is the greaest writer in your country?
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@snowmoon (24)
• China
17 Jul 07
book description known as Hong Lou Meng,this is argubaly China's greatest literaty materpeic of a noble family in the eighteenth century;but the splendor of enchanting gardens ,pleasure pavilions and darily life of the most finements hides the realities of the decay and self destuction .about the aouthor cao xue qin.
• Serbia And Montenegro
13 Jun 07
P.P. Njegos is the best Serbian writer. ``Gorski Vijenac`` is my fav book! It is about a king whose country is in bad situation. Turks are attacking and some of his people are turning their back to him. In a situation where religion, people and country must be saved, king brings the decision that saves his people! Try to find it, but i dont think that anybody else can understand it.
@ackars (1942)
• India
12 Jun 07
I think R.K.Narayan was great in the writing.There are many lots from Hindi and variuos regional languages which is very difficult to mention here.
@tala91285 (1077)
• Philippines
12 Jun 07
For me, it's either our (Philippines) national hero, Jose Rizal or the contemporary writer, Nick Joaquin. They are both very good and their works go beyond interesting.