Expressing your Love to your PARENTS...

@012401 (200)
June 12, 2007 3:52am CST
Good day to everyone. How do you express your love to your parents? I don't know if we have the same observation, because I observed in many countries have their own orphanage. A home for orphans like abandoned parents, or even their sons and daughters themselves they rather let their old parents go to orphanage to be taken care. Do you think that is rightful act when we speak of love. For me it's NOT. You could imagine 9 months from the womb of our mother and sometimes the life of the mother is at stake. What ever happen they want their baby save. So until I'm here in this world by grace of GOD. I will express my love by supporting them in everything I can, hug them, saying Love to them, respect them, pray them, until the rest of their lives. I will show them how happy I am for having them. Because in the grave where we all go, everything is useless. You can't hug them, say a word to them, help them and saying " I love You mom, dad" So express your Love now..
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@youless (98357)
• Guangzhou, China
12 Jun 07
I am from China and most of the time we seldom will directly say I love you to parents. It's not because of we don't love them, it's because we can't express so directly. We can write it in a letter. The most common way for me to show my love to them is try to stay longer time with them. Sometimes give them a little gifts and cook a feast for them. I will express my love to them siliently.
@012401 (200)
• Philippines
12 Jun 07
Hello there! good to hear you. Well that's good you have your own way in saying I love You to them. Right, if you have time to visit them, mingle with them or stay with them, go for it. Giving gifts to them is a nice act too in expressing your love. Am happy for you. Good day.