I Wish My Dog & Cat STay LIke THis! Lovely~~~

Dog & Cat - Lovely Dog & Cat
June 12, 2007 6:43am CST
this Is a very good idea to let Animals stay together! Agree? How a Dog & Cat Be like this?! I wish its real .....
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@luzamper (1360)
• Philippines
18 Jun 07
Our pets live with us in our homes. Dogs and cats at home do not quarrel or chase each other because their masters would scold them or spank them and so they live peacefully with each other in the house. But seldom can we see cats and dogs kissing or sniffing nose to nose.
• United States
17 Jun 07
Aww, how sweet! Dogs and cats can be best friends. My 3 are tolerant of the dog-there'll be an occasional smooch but not much more. But now Georgie thinks all cats everywhere will be her friend-makes for some interesting walks! When I lived at home with my folks...we always had bulldogs. Bertha(bully) and Eva(cat) would always hang out together. Bt the sweetest pair I ever knew was Nancy(another bully) and Susie-a black and white kitty. No more than 6 months apart-they grew up together. I'll have to find and try to post a pic of Susie showing Nancy where the treats were-just 2 little fuzzy butts sticking out of the cupboard. Nancy became very ill with intestinal cancer-she slept on an air bed in the living room when she could no longer get up on my parents' bed. After she passed away-Susie slept in that same spot for nearly a week-in honor of her friend. Now they have Alice-she gets along with their cats for the most part, but she can get cranky and wants to be 1st pet! :)
@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
12 Jun 07
i think this might be happen because i've seen cat and dog living peacefully. ... oh my god! they are now very the open-minded liao! ...anywhere i think you have to put them together when they're still kitty and puppy..
@youless (97648)
• Guangzhou, China
12 Jun 07
I ever had a dog before. My dog tried to be nice and friendly to my cat. But my cat was so proud and never wanted to be a friend to a dog. At least I am glad that they hadn't fought to each other.