Any other Americans with experiences living in Paraguay?

@KennethF (102)
United States
June 12, 2007 6:58am CST
a number of years ago I lived in Paraguay, South America. I fell in love with the culture: food, easy going way of life, friendships I made, the Spanish language, literature, parks, flowers, countryside, city walks, arts and crafts, history, and more. I have made frequent trips sense visiting in laws. I would like to know what experiences others have had in that little "mediterranean sea" in South American, that Flower basket of the Americas.
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• Argentina
8 Nov 08
Hey Yall, I am an American living in Paraguay and I love it! I have not been to any other countries but the United States and Paraguay. My expirience has been that the people are a lot more friendly here than in the USA. People here are very "Tranquilo" or relaxed. I'm living in the city of Ciudad Del Este. People here speak the local indian dialect (Guarani), Spanish, and Portugese. Also thier are many Arabs here, mostly from Lebonon and they all speak Arabic. The electricity goes out here about every other day, but usually only for a few minuets at a time. The infrastructure here is half-assed. People here are a lot different than in the United States. Although thier are some things the same. Everybody has a cell phone here and everybody sends text messages all day long just like in the United States. They don't have video rental stores here but you can buy ripped DVD movies from the street vendors for a buck. The people here are a lot more healthy than americans, I don't see very many fat people here. Last but certainly not least the girls here are really pretty, no not really pretty Divine! But be carefull becuase here women like to use men for thier money. And if your girlfriend asks you to buy her a cellphone you better do it or she'll leave you. No really she will leave you. And for you Ladies, tall, dark, and handsome men come a dime a dozen in Paraguay. But don't be like me, learn Spanish BEFORE you come.
• Paraguay
11 Jan 08
Although I am not American I decided to respond to this discussion. I can totally understand that you fell in love with Paraguay. I have been working in this wonderful country for more than 3 months now and decided to stay a little longer than I have originally planed. Especially the friendlyness of the Paraguayens is outstanding. What makes Paraguay special in my eyes is that it remained almost untouched from all the huzzle of the world. Only a special crowed of foreigners have settled in this country that canĀ“t attract people that are only interested in beaches and incredible sights. What you can experience here is the pure and beautiful of the Paraguayan people who stand out due to their passion in relationships combined with an easy going way of life. A very intense experience that I can totally recommend to everyone that is open minded!