what is the 7 gifts of God?who is here recieve one of the 7 gifts?

@lorz81 (81)
June 12, 2007 7:25am CST
Is anybody here recieve a gift from him from the 7 gifts of God. hope u can share your experience to me as i love to hear it.what was the feeling afterwards? happy or unexpected....so on
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• India
12 Jun 07
Though I am not christian but I would like to update you. There three main gifts of God namely 1)Motivation 2) Ministry 3) Manifestation. God has given us 7 types of motivation gifts namely :Preaching, serving,Teaching, Encouraging, Giving, Rulling and Showing Mercy. There are 10 Ministry Girfts provided to us by God : Messenger, Preacher, Evangelist, Shepherd, Teacher, Miracles, Healing, Helper, Administrator, Tongue. There are 9 manifestation namely : Wisdom, Knwoledge, faith, healing, Miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of Spirit, Tongue and Interpretation of Tongue. These are the main gifts of God to mankind. I have been gifted following I think, Wisdom, knowledge, faith, Teaching, Serving, Encouraging. I find this gifts with me. What about you.
@lorz81 (81)
• Philippines
13 Jun 07
i think knowledge,faith,teaching,Encouraging.God is really Good all the time. we must praise him though even some people displease him, God still love and recieve them. I lost God in my life but he accept me whatever what mistakes i have done. Thanks to him