Have you embarassed yourself because you were sleeping?

@Abbyey (760)
June 12, 2007 8:46am CST
I woke up monday morning had a busy day fixing my car, as the day ends, i have work by 10pm. With NO SLEEP i went to work, by 12midnight i am so sleepy. Our trainor who is a canadian (very nice and polite)... did notice that i am extremely sleepy but i kept myself awake. By 3am i am exhausted, i had so many coffee that i feel that it has no effect anymore. At one point i knew i had fallen asleep, when he asked a POP up question, i said nothing! OH its so embarassing... but he understoof us all, he dismissed us 45 minutes earlier at 6:15am. Have this ever happen to you before? What do you think if your trainor?
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@rusty2rusty (6760)
• Defiance, Ohio
13 Jun 07
I use to work on third shift for many years. While raising a small child. So I know how hard it is trying to get sleep when you have other thing sto do. i have never fallen alseep at work. But I would also stay up for three or fours day at a time. I still have that problem now that i am not on third shift. I stay awake for days on end. But when I do finally go to sleep. I will sleep for at 12 hours.