When you have nightly dreams, what do they usually consist of?

United States
June 12, 2007 5:32pm CST
Are they usually happy dreams? Are they bad dreams? Are they dreams of the future? Past? Or are they dreams of your family? What do your dreams usually consist of? Usually when I dream, my dreams are bad, even nightmares. I dream of many things, usually bad though. Sometimes my husband is cheating on me or leaving me. Sometimes I am being chased by a killer. Sometimes my family is in danger. But most of the time, I am living with my parents, and my step father is after me trying to kill me. I think I have such bad dreams of my parents, especially my step father, because I have been through so much devastation concerning my step father. I hate my bad dreams, and when I have my rare good dreams, I am thankful, even happy when I have them. So, how about you? When you dream, what do your dreams consist of? Tell all!
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• Germany
12 Jun 07
i usually get a lot of happy dream