I sold myself...

October 23, 2006 10:36pm CST
I met my boyfriend one yar ago and now we have a son together. Everything was going very well and I really loved my boyfriend this time. After a while it started to get worse. We couldnt talk with eachother. I ran out at disco when i was in the 9:th month... under a period he left me alone and were out four days in one week. We had bad economy. I had only money from the social-service so I could never be out. I had little friends so I was verry isolated this time and felt so lonely and invisable when I was pregnant. My confidence was really bad after my delievery. I got streptococer A in the hospital and I was sick in four days. The doctor said that I should have died if antibiotica wasn´t available. Despite how sick I was, my boyfriend was out and celibrated the birth of our common son. I was so angry, I cried and felt like the lonliest in the world, now sitting with a baby in my arms. I was angry on my boyfriend when i recovered and came home from the hospital. I wanted to throw him out, spit on him and later I cried even more though I was to scared to talk with him. I wanted to leave him this time. I was so depressed. Three weeks later he use $200 for himself when we in totall only get $1066 that shall be enough for 3 people for food appartment and etc. When he used $200 alone I had to pay for him and in the end of month I had to be with an other man to give my son milk. Yes, i had 6 for money. Now I regret and feel its my fault but also my boyfriends fault. Do somebody understand my feelings?
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@krizz420 (4387)
• Canada
18 Nov 06
I kind of understand that you had to do what you could to feed your baby. I dont understand why you keep him around if he makes it so you have to do things you regret
@sedel1027 (17851)
• United States
18 Nov 06
Wow, you are a tough person. I don't know if I could have done that for my son. Is there anyone else there who can help you out? The first thing I would do, is get rid of your boyfriend. I would find a job an put your son in daycare. You should not have to disrespect yourself to support your child. You boyfriend should have been there by your side not parting. If he knew how tight money was, he should not be spending it. To me, it sounds like he is taking advantage of you and you need to get rid of him ASAP!