Please list all the countries you've been to

@pongki (10)
June 12, 2007 7:25pm CST
Me ive been to Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Hongkong... almost all asian countries except Japan, next time a European tour would be nice given if i have the dough though! Well care to share where youve been to and your experiences on your visited places?
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@maximax8 (30121)
• United Kingdom
13 Jun 07
I really love travelling. Lots of times France. 1987 Greece. 1989 Netherlands. 1990 Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Hungary. 1991 Tunisia and st Lucia. 1992 Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 1993 USA, Fiji and Australia. 1994 Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain and Italy. 1996 Malta, Czech Republic and Poland. 1997 Kenya, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. 1998 Israel and Jordan. 1999 Germany and Austria. 2000 Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. 2001 USA, French Polynesia, Cook Islands and New Zealand. 2002 New Zealand, Samoa, USA. 2003 Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. 2004 Belgium, Seychelles and Turkey.2005 Maldives. 2006 Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Bulgaria and My favourite trips were seeing stunning New Zealand and enjoying the superb outdoor life style with the tropical islands in the South Pacific. Also I really liked seeing beautiful Belize and its excellent effort at conservation.
@creematee (2810)
• United States
13 Jun 07
I'd probably do better by just listing all the US states I've been too. The only countries I've visited are USA (born and raised) and Canada. It sounds like you've had a wonderful experience on your trips. I wish you well on your European trip (when you can afford it!)