Existence of GOD

June 13, 2007 1:17am CST
Does God exist? if so, can we prove he does? How can we know anything about God? Is it sacrilegious to even ask? This can only be the briefest of surveys.
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@rup011 (726)
• Germany
27 Mar 08
Once a man went to a barbers shop. The barber said I don't think God exists. The man asked why? The barber replied...if God existed there wouldn't have been so many sick and poor people. The man did not argue. The barber finished his job. The man went out of the shop. On the road he saw a man with dirty hair and long untrimmed beard. Seeing him, he quickly entered the barbers shop again. He said to the barber....."You know what...barbers do not exist." How can you say that said the surprised barber. I exist and just cut your hair. The man said " no, if barbers existed there would be no one with long untrimmed beard and dirty hair like the man outside." The barber said.."Ah barbers do exist....this happens when people don't come to me." "Exactly" affirmed the customer. "God too does exist, what happens is people do not go to HIM or look for HIM. Thats why there is so much pain and suffering in the world."
• Philippines
13 Jun 07
You cannot infer from the fact that the world was created that God was the creator. The conception of God contains many extra attributes that aren't necessary of a world creator. Second, just because the world is beautiful and varied, doesn't mean it was consciously designed. Why can't beauty happen by accident?