Police probe Madeleine 'dead' claim

maddie mcann - Madeleine McCann
June 13, 2007 11:20am CST
it is reported that the portuguese police investigating a anonymous letter claiming the four year old is dead. let hope that this letter is false http://news.aol.co.uk/police-probe-madeleine-dead-claim/article/20070613110009990001
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• United States
14 Jun 07
That is definitely bad new I hope and pray it is not true and she comes home safe and sound.
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@4cuteboys (4102)
• United States
13 Jun 07
Oh NO I didnt hear about that. How stinky :( I really hope the letter is a hoax and someone trying to get attention. I still have hopes she is out there alive and will be found. I am really thinking about her and hoping she's alright :(
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@Anniedup (3652)
• Richards Bay, South Africa
15 Jun 07
I saw it on the news, I also hope it is false, and in the same breath how could people be so cruel as to put these poor people through such agony, the world is getting sicker and sicker by the day!
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