why does your eyes hurt when you cry for a long time?

tears - tears that fall from your eyes
@vanezzyi (206)
June 13, 2007 11:34am CST
i cried for 5 hours last night, was not able to sleep. I grieved the lost of my four-year relationship.( the one on the pic) i cant sleep. my eyelids hurts so much and i feel like my head is going to pop. why?
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• India
16 Feb 08
Sleeping it off would probably be the best. Also, you can use a damp towel to put over your eyes to cool them off for a bit. But do not wet your eyes when they are tired; it will be bad for your eyes. If my eyes gets tired usually i take a short nap or watch the TV to make my eyes relax, i can't continue my activity on the computer because i can't concentrate my focus to the computer, if i force it, i will so sleepy and it is so funny if i remember a few months ago, when i type an article and my eyes gets tired and i forced it to continue but in middle of my typing i was dreaming and something what i dreaming of, i wrote on my article, when i woke up i l laugh because of it.