Job Interviews YUCK!!

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June 13, 2007 7:27pm CST
I am on a quest for a job so I have been sending out my resume to various companies. So far I have had two interviews. The first one I thought went very well the gentleman was very nice and we laughed about a few things. I was extremly comfortable from the time I walked in the door. On the second however, I wanted to leave the moment I got in the door. The interviewer made me wait 15mins and never said a word like sorry for the wait or anything. Then he kept calling me Kathleen when my name is clearly Katherine. I corrected him once but I was unsure if I should have kept on. It became very clear that he wasn't going to hire me and I didn't want to work there but instead of him just leaving it at thank you for coming in he says "I feel I need to bring you into the real world a bit since you haven't worked in so long, no one is going to pay you more than $12/hr for your skills so asking for a wage between $13-$15 is almost an insult to the future employer" I looked him right in the eye and said "I am sorry you think that I have already talked with several people in my industry and this is the wage they are paying. I have already come from one interview today were he thought my wage request was more then reasonable. Oh and as a parting thought to bring you into reality if you have interviewed 120 people for this position already then my guess it isn't the people who have an issue." I just walked out and said good luck to the gal sitting and waiting her turn. I hate job interviews! I get nervous and tongue tied. I don't know why I just can't pull it together and be a normal person. So how about you do you have any interview tricks? Any truly bad experiences? Let me know I am not alone in this missery.
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14 Jun 07
It is ok to say I am sorry we are unable to meet your salary requirements. He was completely out of line. Remember job searches are like setting out a fishing net as far and wide as you can. It takes a lot of time but don't give up. Every interview is practice for the next. I don't think I have to say this to you but I will. Nobody especially someone in a position to hire others for jobs paying $12 has the right to break your spirit. Stay positive. I get mad at my job because they leave job requirements vague for promotions and then tell you that they specifically asked for this or that qualification -and you say but I have the equivalent education or experience you asked for -then they tell you you misinterpreted the posting. They promote some people without a degree and tell others that they should work on getting theirs. I am furious because they checked my last school to confirm my degree just to get hired. My point is it is all over. We don't have to like this part of our lives -we just have to suck it up!