Hot Air Hand Driers

United States
June 14, 2007 12:12am CST
What a waste of hot air!! Hot air hand driers are a lot like politicians, they make big noise but don't do what they're supposed to do! Germaphobics think they're wondeful. I wonder if they realize how many dirty little hands touch the start button on one of those stupid thinks in a days time. I think restrooms look lots less germless with wet towels laying on the floor where people used the towel to open the door to get out and thrown the towel back into the room. This to me is a total waste of energy. Back to the roll towel for me!! Unite America!!!
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@Tenna10 (103)
• United States
15 Jun 07
Hey there absgramp, yep I agree hot air hand driers are taking over the world of public restrooms. Long gone are the days of wet paper towels sticking to your shoes as you walk out of the restroom. I have resorted to carrying paper towels in my purse. I agree with the waste of time, I hate standing there rubbing my hands together, I want to get in and out as soon as I can. I am not a big fan of public restrooms. The thing is at least when you had a paper towel you could also grab the handle of the door with it also and open it germ free before tossing the towel away. But now you clean and sanitize your hands and then open the door that may of been handled by someone that has not washed their hands at all. Well guess it does save the business a few pennies on not having to continue to buy roll towels and having someone clean up the bathroom more often. If most of them do anyway. Most public restrooms are horrid anyway. Well thanks for your discussion, hope to hear more from you soon. Have A Great Day!
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14 Jun 07
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