marriage, anyone?

@bebski (16)
June 14, 2007 1:39am CST
when i think about marriage 5 years ago, i can't imagine myself being tied up with it yet. its a word that is so strange to me. i was never bothered thinking if i get married or not. it's just funny, that now i am turning 30 in a few days time, i feel pressured to find the right man before this year ends!!! its not because i want it so badly, but because of the feeling that its awkward to relate to people asking me if im not still married and the embarassing question of "why" im not yet married. eventhough im more convinced that finding yourself first before going into that deep and everlasting relationship is more important, sometimes its frustrating to explain to people why im not yet married. more so that i don't have a boyfriend right now. it is as if im not attractive enough to even have one!!. i was thinking of marrying at the age of 28. when i reached that age i thought that maybe its not the right time for me. but as im nearing 30, its kind of disheartening to know that i don't have anybody to even plan it with. i have known men who seemed to be interested of marrying me. they were even proposing to me. the first one is my boyfriend whom i still to recover from our break-up even if it was 2 years ago, second is my board mate who told me he liked me and even courted me in a away that i didn't took seriously, (now he is already getting married with another girl whom he impregnated), third is my officemate who told me that he wants to marry me but i don't took it as it is because i don't love him and im not also sure if he loves me because it seems that the proposal sounded like a business negotiation! so looking back, there is no man who is very serious with me right now. other men who told me they liked me are also married already so they are out of the question. what shall i think or do? there's no other thought that i can think of except that maybe im not destined to be married or maybe if am then maybe in my next lifetime? i don't know but a fortune teller told me that i am to be married to a rich man and whom i will loved so much. that we will be happy in our marriage, that there is love and wealth in our relationship together. how i wish that it will come true!! but as of now, i don't know how its gonna happen nor when it gonna happen, because as of now i don't know no man. i have been praying to God for the right man to come into my life. sometimes i would be sad and wonder if God hears my prayers because as i wanted to have this time, it seems that nobody notices me. but i know that He has His own time. I believe and hope that in His time everything will just fall into the right places. i am just praying to be patient more.
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@sk1976 (45)
• United States
14 Jun 07
Do not ever get married simply because you think you "should" A marriage entered into under those circumstances is likely to fail anyway. Get married when the time is right for you - when you meet that perfect man for you and WANT to marry him. As for what to say when people ask... Tell them you neither want nor need to be married. You do not need a man to be happy - and more power to you for not being willing to settle for someone less than ideal just because other people think you "should" It amazes me that so many people still think women should be married before they reach their 30s.